We suddenly awake from our winter slumber and head into our city parks, where we celebrate the beautiful but all too short norwegian summer. Norway is well known for its long summer days, the almost euphoric festival atmosphere in its city parks, with barbeques burning day and night to the sound of live music floating through the trees on a summers breeze. Here we pose two questions. Firstly, how can we maintain high social activity throughout the rest of the year? Secondly, how can we offer some much needed performance and cultural space back to this part of the city?

If you were one of the very few to venture out into our parks this winter you will have cerainly enjoyed some solitude, but our ambition is to upgrade the park as an all year round community space. This proposal, set in the heart of St. Hans Haugen will not fight with or compete with the exising stage or the surrounding nature but rather act as a positive addition to the exisitng context.

The concept of the “opening box” creates both internal and external spaces which allow for multi climatic useage, enclosing us in the winter and creating a much needed barrier to the elements. In the summer the box opens up to reveal itself as a larger stage sitting alongside the surrounding nature as the box transforms from an enclosing element and into a ceiling in the sky. The proposal will accomodate for musicians and performing artists to rehearse and to perform. It will host theatre shows, dance productions and art exhibitions. It will also double as a usable space for local schools and kindergardens. In addition to this, the lower level of the project will house a restaurant and bar combined with an art gallery and a smaller performance space. This proposal will engage and envoke the community and bring us back to our city parks all year round.