"Midgard Serpent" (Norwegian - Miðgarðsormr) in Norse mythology, is the enormous worm which once surrounded the human world (Midgard). Midgardsormen was conceived by Loki and Angerboda, and was the brother of Fenrir and Hel. Æsene threw him out to sea keep better control of this monster. There it remained and grew over time. It grew so big that eventually it bit its own tail. Hence the name Midgard Serpent - because it encapsulated all of Midgard. At Ragnarok the Midgardsormen revealed itself on land and meandered over fields and meadows. Here it met its destiny with Tor who fought against it to both their deaths.

We wanted to transfer the story of Midgardsormen into our observatory design. The ramp (serpents back) meanders upwards around the building (Midgard / world) encapsulating it. The two elements are physically linked, but the experience of them are separate. The outer ramp is a tribute to the surrounding landscape, offering 360 degree views, while the building within is introverted and constrained by the worm. Inside we create a 'black box' with the function for art and projection installations with reference to the Northern Lights while the ramp serves as a viewing platform, and a place where you can experience being at one with your surroundings.

This project is part of a series of cultural and tourist projects currently under development with KONTUR and CTRL+N.