CTRL+N was formed as a platform to encourage designers from different backgrounds to come together and create fun and engaging projects that display skills from different design sectors. We believe that architecture should not close its doors to other influence and in fact, only by collaborating and sharing ideas can you achieve a successful end result.

.*play is a bespoke furniture concept piece currently in development by CTRL+N originally commissioned by the National Museum of Architecture in Norway and is an ongoing collaboration with Quinze and Milan. It is part of a group of an ongoing study into different production techniques and an exploration into different inter- disciplinary design processes. CTRL+N see this project as a micro version of other architectural commissions in terms of both working methods and form making.

*play is part function, part fun and should encourage user interaction, the elements of the piece should not be considered as utilitarian objects but as parts to be moved, altered and placed in order to engage the participant and shape the spaces they occupy. We do not want to dictate the users experience, but rather to allow for individual interpretation and spacial intervention.